You cant put a limit on anything. The more you dream the farther you get.
— Michael Phelps


With the development of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, MMA has exploded on the sports and entertainment platform.  MMA is based around learning and mastering all forms of martial arts. We learn everything from wrestling takedowns, kickboxing, judo throws, and bjj arm bars. 


Butt, Legs, and Core!

A class designed for the ladies. All of us want that hour glass figure and nice shaped glutes. In this glass you will put in the work. Every day you will leave with the legs feeling pumped and toned and the booty on fire!

kids wrestling.jpg


(ages 6-14)

Wrestling is a great way to build strong fundamentals moving forward in becoming a young athlete. Dating back to 708 B.C., wrestling is one of the oldest combat sports, and a great one on one sport to build, strength, confidence, and discipline for your child. We are dedicated to making young athletes that excel not only in competition, but in day to day life. Wrestling is also a team sport, which means your child will get to interact and socialize, building communication skills for their future to come.


Fitness Camp

A class designed for 2020, Fit Education combines working out and education of the body. The goal of this class to grow your knowledge of the human body while engaging the muscle groups. MIND TO MUSCLE! We designed the class so that we can breed a new generation of humans that not only know how to take care, and sculpt, their own bodies, but help make it a way of life for everyone.