Maxx Force Mission Statement

Hello Everyone,

This is Steven and I'm posting on behalf of Maxx Force. We have a gym and physical fitness center in Tucson, Arizona. Our goal with this blog is to create a community of like-minded people who like to push hard. We like to push ourselves. We push trucks for fun. We train hard.

Maxx Force at its core is a gym. I would call it more like an elite physical fitness center. Seriously I love the place. To me it is heaven. We have a full size wrestling mat, which to me is precious being a wrester and having 24/7 access to a wrestling mat. We also have a full size MMA cage. We have punching bags, weights. This gym really is more like a playground than anything. We have throwing dummies, medicine balls... Well, you get the idea. Its a great place. 

We also have a great coaching staff. My dad Rich is the Head Coach. He is in charge of he MMA team and will probably be posting on this blog at some time as well. He is a third degree blackbelt in Judo, wrestling scholar, submission specialist. He is the person who put the whole facility together.

We also have Phil who is our kickboxing coach who has been kickboxing and doing Karate since he was like 12. I think he is 60 now. He is very experienced and very tough. He can still whoop most of our guys when he gets in the ring. 

We have Mike who I would say is our Training expert. We are brothers. He is the brother who ended up more on the fitness side of things, like strength and conditioning and muscle building and things like that. I stayed more to martial arts. 

I am a wrestler by trade but just recently started pursuing the art of grappling with more of a submission standpoint. 

Mikey (I sometimes call him Mike or Mikey) and I have both wrestled in college and both had amateur MMA fights. We will probably end up posting the videos on this blog but stay tuned. I don't really have any more goals as far as MMA goes. My main focus is trying to keep my body healthy and strong, and be in the best shape of my life. I also just want to spread the knowledge of what I learn along the way. 

The aim of the blog is mostly going to be general fitness. We are going to be posting a lot of work outs, meal plans, instructional videos, just random every day things that we think are going to benefit the community as far as health goes. We also will be posting some sports stuff in there, some educational materials, just anything really that we think will add value. 

As far as the gym goes. I would say our goal would just to get a bunch of people who also want to push themselves to peak physical condition. They say you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. Physically, mentally, athletically, with MaxxForce, the averages will be challenged.

So stay tuned to the blog. More coming soon. 



Michael Moreno