Kids Wrestling Day 1

Kids wrestling practice day 01


Today is the first day of kids wrestling practice and my first day as a coach. I have coached as an assistant before but never as a head coach. It feels like a lot of responsibility. I am very excited and a little bit nervous to see what comes of the kids wrestling club, but as always I’m an optimist.


Today’s post is going to be a brief outline of what we will be going over in practice on the first day. The first thing that I want to do is let everyone know my goal with the wrestling club, as well as ask everyone their specific goals for joining the wrestling club.


My main goal for starting this wrestling club is to help my students reach whatever level they are trying to reach. Having a club full of champions would be amazing, but I believe that if I keep my goal based on helping my students, we will have champions anyway. Some people will want to train to get better for their high school team. Some will want to train to become future MMA fighters. Some of my students may want help on trying to prepare for college wrestling. Everyone’s goals are different, but overall if I can just help everyone to improve, I believe reaching the goals will not be that difficult.


Once our goals are in order, it will be much easier to make a plan to reach those goals. I have been working on a system where my training cycles will be three months long, and there will be 4 of them per year. This is workouts on and off the mat, nutrition, and strength and conditioning, as well as breaks and vacations.


Setting up the workouts in a three-month cycle gives me the benefit of benchmarking our progress after every three months. When I say progress, I mean things like strength, speed, body fat, over all ability on the mat. After every three months, we can look at exactly what we did in terms of work, as well as the results we attaint in performance.


That’s basically my philosophy on training in a nutshell. Throughout the blog I will be outlining my entire system so that everyone reading along, whether it be athlete, parent, coach or enthusiast, we can all try and test the methods.


The first practice today is going to consist a lot about teaching my students how to move. I do this through a functional warm up where I have them do things like feet mobility drills, tumbling, crawling, hip heists (if you’re new to wrestling this is probably one of the most important moves).


Once they know how to move and control their bodies wrestling will be a lot easier for them. Another huge part of my philosophy or wrestling is balance and core strength. I do a lot in my classes as well as recommend drills for getting better balance on one foot. I like hopping on one foot drills, and balancing on one foot with your eyes closed. Training the core goes right along with balance. Your core strength will determine how good your balance is or isn’t.


My reasoning behind it is simple. If you have strong balance it will be harder for your opponent to knock you down. That’s all wrestling is. Knocking the other person down and holding them down. Its pretty simple.


So here is an outline of my practice today.



Quick 10 minute meeting

-discuss goals

-discuss wrestling

-outline rules

Warm up 15 minutes



-bear craw

-crab walk

-on leg hops

Technicque 20 minutes


I am going to talk about what it means to have a good stance. Best practices and guidelines for having a good stance.


            Basic Down Block for defense against single leg


            Sprawl for defense against deeper shots

Drilling 25 minutes

            We will do functional drills about the technique we just learned

Conditioning 10 min

            Running, push ups, sit ups, ect.


The workout will conclude with a brief warm down.


This is the basic outline for the kids wrestling class. Every practice will hold pretty much this same simple outline. Some days we will have more live wrestling, some days we may have more technique, but I will keep the website updated with whatever we will be doing.


Following blog posts are going to have a lot more content about actual workouts, technique, strength and conditioning, so stay tuned!





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