Another Belt at MaxxForce!

The 145 lbs RUF MMA Featherweight Amatuer Belt now sits comfortably in its new home in Tucson. "We have many talented fighters and Loai is right up there at the top, he deserves the title and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon"  -Mike Moreno (Maxxforce Partner and Coach)

This is just the beginning of Loai Abushaar's fight career. His dominant performance, submission by gullotine choke in the second round, is a sign in the right direction for himself as well as the gym. We will use this momentum to set a tone for all of our fighters, and all of our programs! 

Make sure to catch Loai's next bout on May 19th, at the Blue Water Resort and Casino in Parker, Az!


Congratulations to MaxxForce Athlete Loai Abushaar on winning the RUF Amatuer Featherweight Belt! 

Also outstanding performances for Adam Ortiz with a T.K.O finish Round 2, and Zoey Grijalva with a blazing fast First round T.K.O in under 30 seconds!!

( Pictures of the event below)